Tidying up the All and Variable Preview Pages

Is it possible to tidy up the All and Variable Preview pages within a project? We have a few variables with extensive values, and the page has a wildly long horizontal scroll bar, which makes looking at Tags difficult, and matching up those tags to their variable/value combo can be tough. Is there a way to make these pages wrap properly, or to hide the values in an expandable box (like the Project Variables page does)?

Hi @jeffrey.mitchell,

Thanks for getting in touch with us over your issue, and sorry to hear you’re experiencing that undesired behavior.

Unfortunately, this is a known issue but you can find more information on it here:

As an alternative, we do have a Powershell script that you might find useful in working around this issue:

I hope this is helpful, and sorry I don’t have better news. If you have any additional questions or other items I can help with, please let me know.


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