Three packages, auto-release creation uses different version for each?

I have a project with three artifacts - ImageServer, HangfireServer, and WebServer

When working in dev mode, and doing a build - they all three get new packages pushed to nuget / octopus (say 1.2.0-unstable47). But for some reason octopus, when I go to release that package, is pulling version 1.1.6 from March 26’th on the ImageServer and HangfireServer packages. It’s using version 1.2.0-unstable47 for the WebServer package. Why is it doing this? Everytime I have to go and create a release manually and manually select the correct versions.

When clicking the release version from the dashboard, here is what I see:

Configure and Deploy: Project.Web version 1.2.0-unstable0047
Published: Wednesday, April 6, 2016 9:15 AM
The Project.Web deployment package, built on 4/6/2016
Deploy ImageServer: Project.ImageServer version 1.1.6
Published: Thursday, March 24, 2016 11:15 AM
The Project.ImageServer deployment package, built on 3/24/2016
Deploy HangfireServer: Project.HangfireServer version 1.1.6
Published: Thursday, March 24, 2016 11:15 AM
The Project.HangfireServer deployment package, built on 3/24/2016

And here is the log from teamcity, showing that version 1.2.0-unstable0047 was pushed for all three:

[09:15:19][Step 3/4] Executing Publish
[09:15:19][Step 3/4] Publishing: 1.2.0-unstable.47
[09:15:19][Step 3/4] Pushing Project.Web 1.2.0-unstable0047 to …
[09:15:28][Step 3/4] Your package was pushed.
[09:15:28][Step 3/4] Pushing Project.ImageServer 1.2.0-unstable0047 to …
[09:15:31][Step 3/4] Your package was pushed.
[09:15:32][Step 3/4] Pushing Project.HangfireServer 1.2.0-unstable0047 to …

Hi Josh,

Thanks for getting in touch! When you use ARC and pre-release tags on your package versions, if you have multiple packages we cannot make the assumption of which package you would want to use a pre-release package for. So only the triggering package will ever be a pre-release tagged package. Currently channels and channel versions do not assist at all.
We do have a UserVoice suggestion for ARC to be assigned per channel and use that channels rules for package selection:

Because you do use TeamCity and it has excellent plugins (including ours :)) you have the ability to script this yourself by defining your package names and creating a release. ARC was designed for those using products like TFS where this is too hard to script.

Sorry if this was not the response you were expecting.


When using the TeamCity Octopus: Create Release plugin, it only lets me specify the project name, release number and some other deployment parameters. How do I specify that I want all three packages to be in it?

Hi Josh,

You can define each package version for each step using the following: --package=StepName:Version You can define this as many times as you want. (In your case 3)
Just beware to use quotes around step name and version if you have spaces.