The user name (UPN) could not be determined for principal

When I try to add a particular user I get the error message: "The user name (UPN) could not be determined for principal: "

I’m able to add other accounts without issue. I’ve tried with the formats:

  • Username
  • DOMAIN\Username

I saw a similar issue to the one I’m encountering here:

However, the account I’m trying to add is not an administrator on the octopus server. If I change the username to an invalid account I get a different message indicating that the account can’t be found at the domain controller.

Hi Nick,

Thanks for the getting in touch! This error is generally associated when the user does not have a UPN (User Principle Name) attribute associated in AD. If you see my screenshot I have found the UPN attribute for my user on a local VM. Could you please check to see if the user you are trying to add has this attribute.



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Wow, so the error message was exactly correct. Thank you for pointing out the obvious. I got my IT staff to add the UPN and everything magically worked.