The transform pattern "Web.TST2.config" was not performed due to a missing file or overlapping rule

I’m getting the above error message, I have verified that the config file does exist, it is in the nuget package, it is on the target machine, not sure why it is being skipped.

I’ve attached screen shot of the step configuration, the package contents and the raw log file.

Running 3.3.17

ServerTasks-12088.log.txt (145 KB)

Hi Doug,

Thanks for getting in touch! The error message you received can lead to one of two problems, either you are missing a config file (which you have confirmed that you are not) or there are conflicting rules inside your config files that Octopus wont resolve.

This is usually when there are two of the same rule, it can also be something like adding then removing a rule among other things. (Octopus is picky with its config rules)

I’ll encourage you to do a double check through them and ensure there are no anomaly but you are more than welcome to send it through to us to check out. (Pre-deployment)