The Helm tool version 'V2' doesn't match the Helm version selected 'V3'

Hi, I have problem with my test release. I have chosen version 3 in deployment process and I get warning like this when creating a release:

The Helm tool version ‘V2’ (‘Client: v2.9.1+g20adb27’) doesn’t match the Helm version selected ‘V3’

How I can upgrade client to V3?

Hi @csharper2017

Sadly, our dynamic worker image ships, by default, with Helm 2.9.1. It is possible to update this on your worker as part of the deployment process, by running a script step to choco upgrade kubernetes-helm
which will upgrade it for the life of the worker lease. Naturally, it will not persist between leases, so you would need to keep it there for the time being.

Saying all this, we do have a new feature coming out in the near future, called tooling containers, that will allow you to specify the tools that the deployment will use. You can find more details of this on our roadmap here:

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Thank you. Is worth to mention that you have to add -y to upgrade helm choco upgrade kubernetes-helm -y. Without it, it will hang forever and wait for accept the prompt.

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