The deploymenttimeout parameter ignored when given sub-minute values


For testing purposes I want to see a deployment from octo.exe fail (in deploy-release). I have a deployment that takes 3 minutes, so I started by setting the --deploymenttimeout parameter to 00:01:00 (and --cancelontimeout), which cancels the deployment after 1 minute as expected, with:
“One or more tasks did not complete before the timeout was reached. We waited 1,0 minutes for the tasks to complete.”

However, I would like to reduce the time this test takes, so I set --deploymenttimeout to 00:00:01, but then it just continues on and deployes successfully - completely disregarding the deploymenttimeout I set. I’ve also tested with 00:00:59, and this is also disregarded.

The full commands are here:

  • Fails as expected:
    octo deploy-release --project=XYZ --waitfordeployment --server=http://XYZ/deploy --apiKey=API-XYZ --releaseNumber=latest --deployto=“XYZ” --deploymenttimeout=00:01:00 --cancelontimeout
  • Parameter is ignored
    octo deploy-release --project=XYZ --waitfordeployment --server=http://XYZ/deploy --apiKey=API-XYZ --releaseNumber=latest --deployto=“XYZ” --deploymenttimeout=00:00:59 --cancelontimeout

Octo.exe version: 4.15.7
Octopus Server version: 3.11.12

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PS: I freaking love Octopus! :slight_smile:

Hi Jon,

Thank you for the bug report. I’ve fixed the bug and it is just waiting for review. If you subscribe to the issue, you will be notified when that change gets released (today or early next week).

Robert W

That’s great! Thanks.

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