TFS widget not working

We’re running 2017 update 1. When trying to configure the widget it doesn’t load the octopus connection in the connection drop down. The connection appears to be set up correctly as it works within build steps and pulls data back from the octopus api.


I am sorry that the TFS Octopus integration is not working.
Can you check to see if there are any javascript errors on the page ? (You can use the browser dev tools).

Also can you send us a screen shot of the exact screen that is not working ?


Yep, good call. It looks like it’s making a GET to to retrieve the octopus endpoint and getting a 404. Looking at the url that didn’t make sense to me from what I’ve seen working with TFS, although it does match the microsoft documentation. I removed “defaultcollection” from the url and that does return the service endpoint info. So

I’m not a TFS expert so I’m not sure what would cause that “defaultcollection” to be included or not.

Ahh I see, they explain it slightly better here.

Our collection name in this case is “AppRiver”.

Hi Frank,

I found the issue you are experiencing (, it should be fixed in the latest version of the widget 2.0.75.
Are you running the latest version ?


Yep, that fixed it. Thanks!