TFS & Traceability


I’m using Octopus Deploy with TFS. I’m able to create a TFS build for Octopus.

Now, I would like to solve the traceability issue.

When I open a package, I would like to know what changeset (not the comments, I don’t care, just the changeset id) was used to produce this package. But how can we solve this problem?

I’m using the version from assembly version attribute and automatic release creation.

One solution would be to add a custom activity in the TFS which create a ReleaseNotes file with the build number and the changeset id, then we can pass this releasenotes file with the argument OctoPackReleaseNotesFile. But I’m already using a changelog file where we put the changes between versions. So I have to merge these files.

Is there a better solution?

I’ve found these articles : : Not what I want, because I want to use assembly version. : I don’t really like this solution, you always have to change the version during the build, I prefer to use assembly version.

It’s a kind related to this



Thanks for getting in touch! Adding the changeset ID using OctoPackReleaseNotesFile is definitely the recommended approach. Perhaps you custom activity could just append the changeset ID to your changelog file, which later on Octopack will use as release notes?

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