TFS GIT as external feed?

I’ve watched your video on the process of running terraform scripts and then deploying packages. In the sample video you create a new external feed to git hub to get access to the *.tf files to run. We have our *.tf files stored in TFS Git (on prem hosted 2017 TFS). Is there a way to setup an external feed to TFS Git? It’s pretty slick how you get the terraform files in your video and I would like to mimic that process. GitHub is not an option for us. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Hi @stellerm, thanks for reaching out.

The GIT feed integration is limited to GitHub (GitHub releases specifically), and unfortunately this feed type does not integrate with other GIT feeds. If the ability to use other Git repos as feeds is valuable for you then there are some suggestions at the UserVoice site ( that you may like to vote for, as we often use the votes at UserVoice as a way of prioritizing new features for future releases.

Matt C

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