TFS Build vNext - Create Octopus Release with Channel

We are using the TFS 2015 vNext build step to create Octopus releases for us (including work items and change set information). This has been working fine.

We are now wanting to make use of channels like scenario 2 in your walkthrough. We have one branch for the current release and one for trunk development. We then have a CI build in TFS for each that push the packages to Octopus using OctoPack. However, the build step for creating the release using Octo.exe is always using the newest version package from NuGet.

Is there a way to specify the channel via the build step (i.e. to Octo.exe command line) or are we doing it wrong?


Thanks for reaching out. Its very possible that the vNext step is using an old version of Octo.exe that doesn’t have support for channels. The dev that developed this step is currently on leave, but I’m gonnat try to reach out to him to at least confirm this theory and see what we can do from that point.



Dalmiro, Thanks for replying.

I’ve since had some time to do some more digging around and it appears that there is a version of Octo.exe that can take a --channels command line switch. I’ve established this by looking at the TeamCity plugin, particularly the following file:

I will compare the version of Octo.exe with the one from build step taken from GitHub and patch it in myself as a temporary fix. I can then pass the channel using the additional command line switch box.

Okay, the current TFS step has which can accept --channel so I can keep the step as-is :slight_smile:


Re-opening this now that I’m in the office and actually got to try this, version bundled with the TFS step has the --channel switch in its help but this doesn’t work. Upgrading to fixed the problem.