TFS Build output location: AsConfigured vs SingleFolder

The Octopus TFS page says to set the output location to AsConfigured and adds "This “feature” of Team Build means that OctoPack can’t figure out which files should be packaged, and the resulting packages will contain all outputs from all projects. "

Is this still true? The OctoPack 3.0 blog post mentions this change:

“The first change is that when packaging binaries, we used to take all the files under the $(OutDir). TFS by default sends the outputs for all projects to the same directory, which meant OctoPack couldn’t work out which files were for which project. Thanks to a pull request by Max Malook, we’ve changed this to use @(FileWrites) and @(FileWritesShareable) instead. You can learn more about these properties on MSDN. The end result is that OctoPack should work better for TFS users.”

I have tried OctoPack 3.0 on a solution with multiple packages with the output location set to SingleFolder. Each package has the correct set of files.

Hi Pete,

You’re absolutely right - that TFS documentation page is out of date. Thanks for picking that up!

I’ve updated the page to remove that paragraph.