Testing Octopus Tentacle Server Port Connectivity

Hello Octopus team,
After successfully completing the POC, we have purchased an Octopus commercial license and now preparing to install Octopus tentacles in all environments. We have put firewall requests for all of those servers and the networking team completed the request and wants us to test it.
My question to you is:
Is it possible to verify that the octopus port is open between the Octopus server and The (listening) tentacle server WITHOUT installing the tentacle first? If yes, how? The reason is, we want to make sure the SSL connection could be establish over the specified port before we request ops team to install tentacles on our servers?

Thank you,


Hi Arman,

Thanks for getting in touch! Generally all of our tests for connectivity require the Tentacle to first be installed. We have a tool called TentaclePing/Pong that requires Tentacle installation, and checking via browser also requires Tentacle to be installed.
When Tentacle is installed it opens up the port - so without the command to open up the port being run, I am not sure how it would pass - is that another team in charge of that process?

Let me know,