Terraform 0.15.x not working in builtin steps


We’ve been trying to use the latest version of Terraform with Octopus and it looks like the “Allow additional plugin downloads” is always sending the parameter to terraform whether it’s True or False, now that the -get-plugins parameter has been deprecated it fails using the builtin step.

Wondering if you’re aware of this and if you usually have a timeline for addressing these sorts of issues, realise this is very recent and terraform is still not 1.0 so probably not high priority.


Hi @Mike_G

Thanks for reaching out!

It looks like you’ve run into a known bug - Terraform init parameters used by "Apply a Terraform Template" is no longer usable with Terraform version 0.15.x · Issue #6835 · OctopusDeploy/Issues · GitHub

We just released a fix in Octopus 2020.6.4923 that adds support for Terraform CLI v0.15.0. If upgrading is an option, you can always find the latest release here and you can see the patch notes here.

Hopefully, that should get you in a good state - please let me know how you get on!


Thanks Stuart, I missed that post when i looked back through them. We’ll plan in an upgrade.


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