Tentacles mixed up

I have 8 tentacles TS01 thru TS08.
When I deploy to TS07 server shows it is executing on https://TS07… but it is actually executing on TS03.
Similar when doing a health check: Stop agent on TS07 and the server show TS03 and 07 alive and well.
I stop TS03 agent and server thinks TS03 and TS07 are stopped.
I have removed TS07 and added it again but no luck.

Solved / Avoided
I reinstalled the bad tentacle several times, full reboots etc.
Only when I installed the tentacle as a POLLING rather than a LISTENING as it originally was did it work.


Thanks for getting in touch! I see that you believe your issue is resolved, but I thought I would follow up with what could have happened.
Octopus Server sees Tentacles (machines) as unique through both a SQUID and Thumbprint. When uninstalling a Tentacle, it keeps the config file, so the SQUID and thumbprint do not change, especially if they weren’t reconfigured within Octopus Server. The reason that changing to polling resolved this for you is when you register a polling tentacle it does overwrite the machine settings within the server so it might have updated the thumbprint and SQUID at that point.