Tentacles failing health check after upgrade to Version

Hi Paul,

We just upgraded all of our tentacles to via the site and now a number of them are failing the health check at the security negotiation phase. The deployment was big (we have about 100 tentacles we deploy). Here’s what we’ve tried:

  • Installing that tentacle again over the top - failed
  • Checking the firewall on the server (resource monitor shows the port unblocked)
  • Ran the tentacle via the console (no errors but still failed health check)

As an aside, a tentacle upgrade removes the configuration tool on the tentacle which makes it more difficult to test. When we got the tool on there we checked and all the thumbprints seem to be OK… any suggestions on what to test next.

Hi Dan,

Can you attach the health check output log?

When you run the tentacle locally via cmd line, can you run it from C:\Applications\.Tentacle\<latest version>?

The upgrade shouldn’t be removing the tentacle tool, that’s a little weird - I’ll investigate that.


Actually Dan, any chance we can do a Skype session to share a screen?


Sure just sent you a skype request.