Tentacles Across Multiple Network layers

My challenge is copying a file across two network layers.

Simple Network Diagram

Layer A --> Layer B --> Layer C

In this diagram, I can’t copy a file from a server on layer A to layer C directly, because the firewall would block it. We have currently solve this problem by having custom software to copy a file from A to B, then from B to C.

Simple Network Diagram with Octopus

Layer A (Octopus Server) --> Layer B (Octopus Tentacle) --> Layer C (???)

I would rather not install another Octopus Server in Layer B, which is what your documentation appears to recommend (http://docs.octopusdeploy.com/display/OD/Isolated+Octopus+Deploy+servers)


What ideas do you have to overcome this? Can one tentacle talk to another one?

Hi Dave,

Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately Tentacles are pretty dumb. And now with Calamari they really have no brains. They can’t be used as a relay in any manner that would help you with that network layer. It is why we have the recommended strategy for that scenario. Octopus Server is the brains and orchestration and power behind the deployments. We have no means to relay this work.

In very locked down DMZ there are two things customers do. Install an Octopus Server inside the DMZ and replicate the data across. Or use the offline drop feature. But as a feature it still cannot do all the full deployment things the OD server can do (remember variables between steps for instance).

An OD server in the middle would give you the most automation power with the least amount of hands on or chance of something external breaking the process.

Sorry if it’s not the news you wanted to hear.