Tentacle Won't Upgrade

We’re having problems with 1 of our tentacles. The tentacle is v 3.22.0. The connectivity log on the server indicates everything is ok. It is also says there is a calamari update. If I try to run this, it fails and the tentacle is marked as unhealthy. Now we tried the obvious of completely un-installing the tentacle and then re-installing. Interestingly the d:\octopus\work folder contains lots of folders that are all locked and can’t be deleted. We had to restart the machine to delete them. Process Explorer says rundll is locking them. When you click upgrade, the files appear and disappear almost instantaneously.

Do you have any idea how we can resurrect our dead tentacle?

the log file reads:

Task ID: ServerTasks-21309
Task status: Failed
Task queued: 21 June 2018 18:53:48
Task started: 21 June 2018 18:53:48
Task completed: 21 June 2018 18:53:52
Task duration: 4 seconds
Server version: 2018.6.1+Branch.master.Sha.859bf533da450d5c269a3750091876d00f6220ff
Server node: XXXXX
| == Failed: Update Calamari on deployment target ==
18:53:48 Info | 1 machines will have Calamari updated to the latest version.
18:53:52 Verbose | Checking for Tentacles to update
18:53:52 Fatal | At least one machines was not successfully updated with the latest version of Calamari. | | == Failed: YYYYY ==
18:53:48 Verbose | Updating Calamari
18:53:51 Verbose | Starting C:\Windows\system32\WindowsPowershell\v1.0\PowerShell.exe in working directory ‘D:\Octopus\Work\20180621175350-21309-6’ using ‘OEM United States’ encoding running as ‘NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM’ with the same environment variables as the launching process
18:53:51 Verbose | Process C:\Windows\system32\WindowsPowershell\v1.0\PowerShell.exe in D:\Octopus\Work\20180621175350-21309-6 exited with code 1
18:53:52 Fatal | The remote script failed with exit code 1
18:53:52 Verbose | The remote script failed with exit code 1
| Octopus.Server.Orchestration.Targets.Tasks.ActivityFailedException: The remote script failed with exit code 1
| at Octopus.Server.Orchestration.Targets.Scripting.ScriptResult.EnsureSuccessful()
| at Octopus.Server.Orchestration.ServerTasks.HealthCheck.HealthCheckService.InvokeHealthCheck(Machine machine, Action2 customAction) | at Octopus.Server.Orchestration.ServerTasks.HealthCheck.HealthCheckService.PerformHealthCheck(Machine machine, ExceptionHandling exceptionHandling, Action2 customAction)
| Octopus.Server version 2018.6.1 (2018.6.1+Branch.master.Sha.859bf533da450d5c269a3750091876d00f6220ff)
18:53:52 Verbose | Recording health check results
| | == Failed: Summary == 18:53:52 Fatal | One or more machines could not have Calamari updated. Please see the output Log for details.

Hi Simon,

Thanks for getting in touch, and sorry to hear that you are having problems with your Tentacle.

What I would suggest at this point is to fully remove the Tentacle and try a re-install, unfortunately this is a bit more involved than just uninstalling the MSI. We have instructions available here that will run you through the process.

If that fails or doesn’t resolve the issue for you, can you please send through your full Tentacle logs (c:\Octopus\Logs by default), as the excerpt you’ve put in looks like it’s falling over on the health check, which is fairly simple PowerShell so there might be something else hiding in the logs that provides more context. If you can also check and see if anything looks suspicious in your Windows logs that would be appreciated?

The last thing that you could try (going off the logs) is potentially a powershell re-install, however that would be very much our efforts of last resort at this point in time.

Thanks Simon, I look forward to hearing from you shortly!


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