Tentacle Version 2 and Version 3 on the same machine?

Hello support,

we want to start Octopus 3 parallel to our existing Octopus 2 Server.

We can’t upgrade the old Octopus 2 Server. There are too many projects depending on this technology and we can’t just upgrade it. So we have to set up Octopus 3 parallel for new projects.

I have asked myself if it is possible to install a Tentacle in Version 3 parallel to the Tentacle in Version 2, which is already installed on the deployment target machines.

How do I set up such a multiple instance tentacle mix?
I found some instructions to set up multiple instances of one tentacle manager, but I’m not sure if the tentacle version could be mixed up with this…

Kind regards,
Elmar from netzkern

Hi Elmar,

Thanks for getting in touch! Having different versions of Tentacle is not supported out of the box. There is a complex manual method you can use to have two different installations as outlined here: http://help.octopusdeploy.com/discussions/questions/9339-multiple-tentacles-with-different-versions#comment_40878049
It really should only be performed temporarily and will block the ability to upgrade using our automation. It is also unsupported if conflicting bugs or settings appear.

Warm Regards,