Tentacle Upgrade to Latest - Access Denied Error


We are getting “access denied” error at the clean up process of tentacle upgrade.

System account has full access to the c:\Octopus\Upgrade folder.

Thanks in advanced for any assistance.

Hi @matscoms,

Thanks for getting in touch!

That error does indicate a permissions error, so let’s see if we can track down what has gone wrong.

Firstly, are you able to refresh the permissions on c:\Octopus and subfolders for the Local System account and confirm that it has read/write permissions. Once that is done retry upgrading the Tentacle.

If that fails, we can try running the Tentacle under a known working account and check to see if that helps as well.

Another option would be to download a copy of Tentacle and try a manual update to latest.

Finally, if we run out of ideas the last option is to perform a full manual uninstall of Tentacle and try a re-install once that process completes.

Please let me know how you go and if you are still unable to upgrade Tentacle on this machine,


Hi @Alex.Rolley,

Thanks for the response. We really appreciated it.

Manual installation/upgrade using admin account works fine without error but we want to automate this process like using the octopus server API. Currently, we are testing the functionality of the tentacle upgrade by clicking the “Upgrade to latest” button and the result is “access denied” as you see in my initial post. After next health check the tentacle becomes healthy but the upgrade package files remained.

We also have checked the system account has full access to the c:\octopus folder and being inherited down to the sub-folders and files but still error persists. We are wondering why the system account could extract the upgrade package to the folder but could not delete it afterwards?

To test if an open handle preventing the deletion of the folder we opened a file inside the c:\octopus\upgrade[package folder] while upgrading process is running. The result is not “access denied” but different error as you can see in the next screenshot:

Therefore, we assumed that open handle is not causing “access denied”.

About the option “running the Tentacle under a known working account” seems not ideal for us. We would like to know first what is preventing the system account from deleting the package folder.

Hope you could help us by this additional information.


Hi Mats,

Thanks for getting back to me!

Sorry for the slight miscommunication there, I did understand that you wanted to resolve the issue with the standard system account, I was trying to identify what had gone wrong so I could provide further assistance. Sorry that wasn’t clearer!

Just so we are completely on the same page, is this affecting all machines in your environment, or just one? If it’s just one I would suggest performing a full manual uninstall, then re-installing Tentacle (at an older version) then re-testing the automated upgrade to see if the delete issue has cleared (as in this scenario I suspect corrupt permissions on the folder).

If it’s your entire fleet that is having this issue, all with the same failure [unable to remove directory] then I would suspect perhaps an ACL is being applied, could also be AV interfering at this stage (although I find it unlikely). It would be good to test this by launching a powershell process as NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM and see if you have any issues deleting that folder (tips on how to do that here).

If you can let me know how you get on with those two steps hopefully we can get to the bottom of this issue.


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