Tentacle uninstallation doesn't remove service

If you uninstall octopus deploy tentacle it leaves the OctopusDeploy Tentacle service installed in services.msc (See screenshot).

Windows 2012R2
Octopus tentacle 3.3.27

This causes problems with automation that checks to see if the service is registered before taking action.

Hi Sowen,

Thank you for reaching out! Uninstalling with the MSI only removes the binaries, and won’t touch the service or its files. To remove the Tentacle from your Services list, first delete the Tentacle instance in your Tentacle Manager (see attached screenshots), and then uninstall with the MSI.

The way this works is intentional, as you can have multiple instances under a single Tentacle manager.

You can use tentacle.exe to delete instances, which will remove the services.

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I forgot to attach the screenshots!


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