Tentacle Thumbprint Mismatch

Looking at the logs on the Octopus Deploy server, I am seeing many messages similar to the following:

The remote machine was expected to supply a certificate with thumbprint: 0750EB3BC9857E3E5DE38A103208284269618112; instead the machine provided: E34461DE97FD7B758481D393B70481F704EEA355

After examining the logs, I have found that this issue affects approximately 40 different machines in our environments. Is there any action or scenario that might have caused this mismatch between the thumbprints? I am unable to determine when this issue would have started due to limited log retention, but it has been occurring for at least the last week.

Octopus Deploy version: 4.1.10
Tentacle version: 3.16.3

This is resolved. We had two Octopus Deploy servers running. Only one of them is the current server and the service on the older server was never disabled.

Hi Morgan,

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I’m glad to hear that this issue has since been resolved, I greatly appreciate you letting us know the outcome.

If you require any assistance moving forward, please don’t hesitate to reach out :slight_smile:

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