Tentacle shows Environment servers as offline


I’ve found Octopus/Tentacle yesterday and this could be a very helpful tool for me. I’ve set up Octopus on my development machine and installed the tentacle client tool on two different remote machines. The installation was good and the service installed and is online.

In the operation environment on the website, both machines are shown as offline. I can navigate to the service URL of these machines without any problem (but the demo page of service shows “http://localhost:10933/?wsdl” as wsdl URL example. This URL is of course not reachable from my dev machine.

Can you give me any hint?
The health check runs into a timeout.


I’ve found the problem. After installing everything, the user with which the service was started hadn’t access to the database. Now it works…
Thanks, can be closed.

Hi Markus,

Aha, thanks for letting me know and glad you resolved it. So when you said “the health check runs into a timeout”, you meant that the Octopus web portal showed the task as having timed out? (Rather than the task running but an error being in the log)

If so it’s the right behaviour but obviously not a good user experience. I’ll add a feature so that the Octopus web portal makes it more obvious that the Octopus Server may be having problems, and give clearer instructions on where to find the Octopus Server logs.

Thanks again for letting me know,