Tentacle retention Policy

We are running Octo version and I can’t find where to set the retention policies for the tentacles. I thought it was in Configuration > Retention but that’s not there anymore. It looks like it was replaced with Maintenance, and that doesn’t have what I’m looking for.

We can I set retention policies for the tentacles?

Hi Dan,

Thanks for getting in touch!

In 2.6 we changed our approach for Retention Policies, and they are now under the umbrella of the LifeCycles. If you go to Library > LifeCycles you will find a Default Retention Policy that will take effect on all the phases of your LifeCycle. You can also find Phase-specific retention policies in case you want to override the default one. Our blog post on the features of 2.6 has a short explanation on how the Retention Policies work now.

I’ll be updating our documentation to explain the changes on the Retention Policies in 2.6 in the next couple of days. Sorry it took you by surprise!



Thanks for the quick reply! You may want to update your online documentation to reflect these changes.

Thanks for the help!