Tentacle Retention Policy not applied

I only have one project configured in a server, and the only lifecycle defined (and used) has a custom retention policy defined (see attached screendump). However when deploying it is not being used - the log says:

                |   == Success: Apply retention policy on Tentacles ==

13:07:29 Info | Apply retention policies…
13:07:29 Verbose | Tentacle retention policy set to ‘keep all’
13:07:29 Verbose | Apply Tentacle Retention Policy completed


Thanks for reaching out. To which environment were you deploying when you saw that message? Is the default retention policy set to “Keep all”?

We have one open bug that might be the culprit here here: https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/Issues/issues/1833



I was deploying to “Internal Test” and yes the default retention policy has not been changed for the lifecycle, and therefore is:

Releases: Keep all
Files on Tentacles: Keep all

Until the bug i solved, I will try to change the default. That might be a workaround, when looking at he issue you mentioned - Thanks.

I’m having the same issue with one environment in particular = CI.

See the attached screenshots with the lifecycle setup and deployment step overview.

I’m happy to provide any other logs you require to fix this issue. Thanks in advance!


This bug should have been fixed in the latest release 3.0.21: http://octopusdeploy.com/downloads