Tentacle push or pull?

Hi Paul

A previous question below was asking if the Octopus Tentacle can pull deployments instead of push, to accommodate VPN locations and sites who will never open 10933 to the WWW, regardless of the encryption. This question was closed sometime ago , has it been developed yet or is this expected for v2.0 ? If so, how will it work and how can I configure the config ?

RE: http://help.octopusdeploy.com/discussions/questions/2-is-tentacle-push-or-pull


Hi John,

It’s a feature we want to enable for Octopus 2.0 but don’t currently have support for. We have a few ideas on how to implement this but we don’t have anything concrete just yet. If you have any suggestions on how you’d like to see it work for your scenarios I’d love to hear them.


Hi Paul
Thanks for the prompt reply.

I am currently working with Jake Ginnivan who informs he has written some code previously for an organization to open a constant HTTP long poll connection from the location to the octopus server and look for a new packages, and it will constantly check until a new deployment is found for the location. He informs he is able to put this code after making it generic into a shared open source lib to make it available for you to use, which might save you some hours : )
Also a notification/message at the location end informing if the package deployment failed or succeeded would be handy for our support staff.

What do you think ?

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John D