Tentacle on Azure VM will not accept connections from Web Portal

I’ve been trying to get a tentacle on an Azure VM to accept a connection from another VM that is set up as an Octopus Web Portal. Using the Extension provided did not work, so I downloaded the Tentacle x64 installer and attempted to install the tentacle manually. Since then I have created a VM endpoint on port 10933 which is configured to communicate with an internal port.

I can Ping the 10933 endpoint successfully and I can access a web page on the port that tells me the port is configured properly on the VM. However,the Octopus Web Portal set up on a different VM will not connect to the Tentacle VM. The Web Portal error output is attached and seems to indicate that the certificate between the portal and tentacle are not trusted. I have ensured that the correct Certificate has been added when installing the tentacle.

Any help would be appreciated.

Capture.txt (9 KB)

Hi Rob,

Thanks for getting in touch. From your screenshots, the Tentacle is running version 3.0 of Tentacle, but the Octopus server is running 2.6. If you used the Azure VM extension for Octopus to set up Tentacle, I think I know why this happened - the Azure extension always uses the latest Tentacle MSI, which is now 3.0, and isn’t compatible with 2.6.

You’d need to either upgrade the Octopus server to 3.0, or manually install the 2.6 Tentacle on the VM to correct this. Sorry for the problem this caused!


Thank You Paul, that was the problem

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