Tentacle Manager permissions error when run as non-admin

Hi Guys,

We’ve deployed the latest version of the Tentacle (3.3.27) to some of our user’s workstations and all is working correctly.

A few users however have been cheeky/curious and attempted to start the Octopus Tentacle Manager from the Start Menu - they are non-admins and when the manager attempts to start it throws a registry permission error into the Event Log (to be expected), unfortunately the process then gets into an endless loop and it’s impossible to “End Process” from the Task Manager (even as an admin!).

More annoyingly for the user in question, while the process is stuck in the loop it changes the user’s cursor to flash/switch/blink between the loading cursor and the normal one - which while it doesn’t prevent them using their computer has caused some irritation!

In the next round of updates for the tentacle can you please ensure you perform a check for the necessary admin permissions and gracefully exit the process if such a check fails.

Many thanks,

Hi James,

Thanks for reaching out!

That doesn’t sound like good behaviour - definitely something I’d like to see improved.

I just started looking into the cause of this, and oddly, I cant seem to reproduce the behaviour you’ve mentioned below. For me, when I run Octopus.Manager.Tentacle.exe as a non-admin, I see a UAC prompt asking for an administrator password, and if I hit no to that, I see an Unhandled error dialog with System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): The operation was canceled by the user. Looking into the event viewer, I cant see any registry permission error either.

I’ve raised an issue to improve the user experience around this - I will add expand it once we’ve been able to dig into whats going on for your users.

Are you able to share some more information about the registry error you are seeing? Also, what operating system version are you deploying to? Does anything appear in the log files?

I’d definitely like to improve the experience here - I’m just having a bit of trouble reproducing the scenario you’ve mentioned.

Any help you can give me here would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!



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