Tentacle Login lost after upgrade

One our servers performs database updates during the deployment, and since we are using Windows Authentication to access the SQL server, we set up the tentacles on that server to run as domain accounts. This normally runs as expected.

However, it seems that after we upgrade the tentacle to a newer version, and sometimes when simply rebooting the server, the tentacles will lose their login. In the Services console, they will still show that they are running as the domain accounts, but the tentacles will no longer start. we must then reenter the password manually to get the tentacle to start properly again. This happens to all the tentacles installed on the server (we normally have over 10 on these servers, one for each separate tenant that we support.)

any idea on the cause/solution of this? thanks.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for getting in touch! So after a quick Google we found this: http://superuser.com/questions/326522/service-fails-to-start-after-restart
Is the user allowed to logon as a service?

Let me know if that helps

the “Log on as a service” policy setting does, in fact, seem to be the problem. it is being turned off daily by domain policy on our production network. our network admins are working on changing that now.