Tentacle issue with In place 2.6 to 3.0 upgrade using Hydra

I am attempting to perform an in place upgrade from 2.6 to 3.0 by following the instructions found here.

The Hydra Script Template does not appear to have a powershell script body included in it. The step runs successfully but the tentacle on the “canary” machine is not updated, presumably because there is no deployment script to be executed. I see a post deployment script, but shouldn’t there be a deployment script for this step? Am I using the correct Hydra Script Template?


Hi Mvantassel,

Thanks for getting in touch!

That’s correct, the step is actually based on a Nuget Package step which means it will deploy the package (containing the Hydra exe), then run the PostDeploy script which will run Hydra - scheduling an upgrade for 1min in the future.

You mentioned the update failed. Can you give some more details? If you RDP into the server and have a look at the logs mentioned in the Troubleshooting documentation, it should give you some more information about what could have gone wrong.

Hope that helps!


Hey Damo,
Thanks for clearing up my confusion about the Hydra Script Template.

The deployment succeeded, but the tentacle was not upgraded. It is still running The Hydra upgradelog.log says the following:

[2015-07-28T11:11:42.9056543-05:00] – Process Starting –
[2015-07-28T11:11:42.9826587-05:00] Scheduling an upgrade task to run
[2015-07-28T11:11:43.8657092-05:00] Upgrade Tentacle Task scheduled for 1 minute
[2015-07-28T11:12:43.2381051-05:00] – Process Starting –
[2015-07-28T11:12:43.2571062-05:00] Found 1 tentacle instances
[2015-07-28T11:12:48.0963830-05:00] Found 1 Tentacle services
[2015-07-28T11:13:02.0281799-05:00] Stopped Tentacle
[2015-07-28T11:13:02.0311800-05:00] Running installer: C:\Apps\Development\OctopusDeploy.Hydra\\Installers\Octopus.Tentacle.
[2015-07-28T11:13:26.0265525-05:00] Installation succeeded
[2015-07-28T11:13:30.7888249-05:00] Reconfigured Tentacle
[2015-07-28T11:13:30.7928251-05:00] Complete

There is no log in the Installers directory. I’m not really sure how to proceed from here.

Thanks for you help,

Hi Martin,

That log looks perfect, so it may just be the Tentacle service that hasn’t updated properly.

Open up Services on your Tentacle machine and look for the OctopusDeploy Tentacle service. If you right-click on it and choose Properties, it should show you the “Path to executable”. If you look at the properties of the Tentacle.exe it points to, can you confirm it’s a 3.0.6 version? See the attached screenshot for an example.

If it’s not pointing at a 3.0.6 version, it may be that the service just needs reconfiguring. In Tentacle Manager, click the Reinstall link (instructions here). If you refresh the Services window, the Tentacle exe should hopefully be pointing at the 3.0.6 version then.

Let me know how it goes!



Thanks Damo,
The tentacle service was still pointing to 2.6. When I reinstalled, using the tentacle manager, it updated to version 3. Then I removed the “canary” scope and deployed the Hyrda project to the remaining 17 machines. 11 machines downloaded the Hydra package successfully, but did not upgrade the tentacle. Logging into each of those and reinstalling the tentacle, as I had on the “canary” machine, worked fine and upgraded the tentacle version. 4 machines did not indicate failure, but did not download the Hydra package. I downloaded the Hydra msi and manually upgraded each of those. The remaining 3 machines had their tentacle versions successfully updated automatically using the Hydra package.

One thing I noticed was, the servers whose tentacles were successfully updated using the Hydra package are all Win 2012. The others are running Win 2008 r2. I have no idea if that has anything to do with it, but just thought I’d pass that along.

Anyway, things are back up and code is being happily deployed now. Thanks so much for you help.


Hi Mvantassel,

Thanks for the reply! I’m glad you’re back up and running!

Unfortunately the automatic upgrade is a bit of a best effort and there are a few things that can prevent it working. It’s interesting it didn’t succeed in Windows 2008 - something for us to look at.


I had the same issue, however my log files still referenced the old version of Octopus, 2.6.

To fix the issue manually:

  1. Deploy the ‘Update Octopus Tentacle’ project we created in the upgrade process to the machine you are trying to upgrade.
  2. On the machine you just deployed to, navigate to the folder that contains the project you just deployed.
  3. Fire off Hydra.exe manually by double-clicking on the file.

I found that firing hydra.exe after running the update package too.

But instead of running the EXE manually i ended up doing this in a post deployment script.

also, running hydra.exe without --defer broke things for me.

$ODSEnvironment = $OctopusParameters[‘Octopus.Environment.Name’]
Push-Location “C:\Applications$ODSEnvironment\OctopusDeploy.Hydra\3.1.3”
.\Hydra.exe --defer