Tentacle is caching or re-using PreDeploy.ps1 from previous step when no PreDeploy.ps1 in current step


I have a mult-step deploy with a mixture of:

  • Win services
  • Web sites using config transforms
  • Web sites using an older, custom style of config file management

I have a PreDeploy.ps1 script for my win services. These steps are first in my deploy. Then I have some websites with only a Deploy.ps1 file, no other powershell scripts.

When the tentacle gets to one of these websites it looks like its trying to execute a PreDeploy.ps1 from a previous step-- I can tell from the error output, it’s trying to “stop” my website as if it’s a win service. The deploy output shows it executing this phantom PreDeploy.ps1 script from my website extraction location, though it is definitely not in the source NuGet package for the website.

I can work around this by explicitly including a PreDeploy.ps1 and/or Deploy.ps1 that are no-ops.

Loving Octopus otherwise.



Oh nevermind. I spoke too soon, these appear to be my own problems.