Tentacle Extension failing with azure Scale Set VMs

Getting the below mentioned error when we remove and add the extension in the azure scale set vms

“error”: {
“code”: “OperationNotAllowed”,
“message”: “Operation ‘PUT Extension’ is not allowed on VM extension ‘OctopusDeployWindowsTentacle’ since it is marked for deletion. You can only retry the Delete operation (or wait for an ongoing one to complete).”

Hi Nataraj, thanks for getting in touch,

I believe that is an error reported by Azure which we have no control over as indicated by the error message. You would have to wait for Azure to finish processing the operation before attempting to add/remove the extension.

I hope that helps,


I got this working by modifying the Scale set upgrade policy to Automatic. Now the Tentacle Agent is getting installed in the scale set vms . But now is it possible to pass the Scale set Instance Private IP address through the Azure Tentacle Extension.