Tentacle errors with DirectoryNotFoundException when extracting package

We have a three environment deployment which does IT - Internal Test, UAT, Production. The IT deployment has been working for some time, the OD process as a whole is a copy of ones used on several clients.

However, when trying to add a new UAT server I’m getting an error I’ve not encountered before. It happens when the Tentacle is extracting the package to the e:/octopus/application folder which in the log you will see on the server is e:\o.

Here is the logging of the issue
Log.txt (4.4 KB)

The tentacle is a new install it is running 3.16.3. The file exists in the package and as mentioned the deployment works on the environment before this one. So it appears to be environment-specific, the server is Windows 2019 datacentre edition. I’ve tried

  • extracting the package file on the server to the destination folder and that works okay.
  • running the build again from the start with a new package file
  • removing and reinstalling the tentacle
  • renaming the /octopus/application to be /o just to see if it is file length related

If I manually extract the package to the octopus application folder I can see that the file it complains about looks like this in windows explorer
the path has \?\ on the front. If I move the file up a level that disappears. So I assume that is ‘why’ it cannot find?

Any help would be much appreciated, I’m stumped at what needs configuring to get this server working the same as the other one.

Best Regards

Hi @richard1

Sorry to see you’ve run into this issue.

From the logs, it looks like 3 line is indicating the file path for the extracted package file is too long, as it exceeds the 260 character limit for Windows:


Is it possible to shorten the directory path prior to it being placed in the package?

If you have any more questions, please let us know.


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