Tentacle diskspace


One of my Octopus Tentacles has stopped working due to disk space (sitting at about 400M free) and it’s reporting that more is required. Is it safe to delete old files from S:\Tentacle\app.Tentacle\Packages ?

Deployment has come to a standstill until I can free up disk space (and the drive in question is only used for OD, so I don’t have the option of deleting other files).



Hi Ken,

Thanks for getting in touch! Sorry about the dramas - lets get you some space then see whats up with the retention policies.
It’s safe to delete the packages under C:\Octopus\Applications.Tentacle\Packages - if you need to re-deploy anything and it can’t find the package it will just send it over again.
If that gives you enough disk space we can work on the retention policy issue and get the unpacked files also cleaned up.


We do lots of deployments over and over to certain servers, and have been regularly running out of space.

To solve the issue, we setup an hourly job (using VisualCron) that cleans out C:\Octopus\Applications (but only if the Calamari process is not running.)

No negative side affects seen thus far.