Tentacle connectivity does not work on certain servers

I have installed both the Main Octopus software and 1 Tentacle successfully in our LAB environment.
As soon as I go to install another Tentacle on another server, it fails. I follow the same format.

I have checked that there is no firewall rules set and logging in with Service Account to ensure proper rights.
However, adding a tentacle, past the first, fails. Is the trial limited to 1 tentacle? If not, what else can I check?

Paul LaCivita

Hi Paul,

Thanks for getting in touch! I’m glad you’ve already done some troubleshooting on your own. Generally, Tentacle just works - but there are lots of tiny things we’ve discovered which can prevent Tentacle from working. The best recommendation I have is to work through our troubleshooting guide for either Listening or Polling Tentacles:

Once you’ve worked through that, if you are still having problems registering the new Tentacles, feel free to get back in touch and I’ll help you sort it out!

To answer your other question: The trial license is actually unrestricted so that won’t be a limiting factor.

Hope that helps!