Tentacle 4.0.3 High IO

We recently updated our Octopus server and at the same time updated the Tentacles from 3.2.3 to 5.0.5. We then started to get reports about high IO operations for Tentacle.exe. By installing different versions of the Tentacle we came to the conclusion that version 4.0.1 and older works ok but 4.0.3 and higher has high IO operations.

This happens on all 3 of our servers having the tentacle installed, but also when installing the tentacle on a local pc without connecting the tentacle to the Octopus server. The counter in Windows Performance Monitor is “Process->IO Other Operations/sec” and has a constant value of about 10000.

Is this expected behaviour of the tentacle or is there possibly something wrong somewhere?

Hi @andreas_sten!

Thanks for getting in touch - this looks like it’s the control loop for a listening tentacle checking the network (as you don’t see this behavior with a polling tentacle). I’m not sure what changed in those versions to cause the increase you’re seeing, but I’ll sit down with the engineering team to see if they can shed some light on this for you (and me!)

Hi @andreas_sten

Just wanted to let you know that we have confirmed this is an issue and that we are working on a fix. You can find more information on the Github issue which you can follow for updates.

Any questions please let us know,


Hi @Justin_Walsh

Great, I will follow the GitHub issue for more info and continue using 4.0.1 for now.

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