Tenant variables showing error page

The tenants variables page is showing an System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: key

I’m using Octopus 3.4.2. It did work, but when I changed some settings this error appeared. Reverting back to the configuration that worked doesn’t solve the problem.

Situation: We have multiple environments on one machine. Like Test - Client 1, Test - Client 2.
Before Tenants we used this to deploy different client instances on one machine. For a new project I used tenants. I decided to use Test - Client 1 environment and made a project variable. I set the variable for tenant 1.
With tenants the multiple environments shouldn’t be needed anymore, so I created a Test environment on the same machine.
I added Test to the lifecycle, Test - Client 1 environment still active also.
In the tenants overview I changed the project environments to the Test environment.
Now moving to the variables page shows the error.

I also connected the tenant to a second project. That’s where the problem occured I think. Removing the project where the environment was changed didn’t solve the error. Removing the second project (with no changes to environments or variables) fixed this issue.


Thanks for reaching out!

  • Any chance you can upgrade to 3.4.3? We took 3.4.2 out of rotation because of a bug related to Manual Interventions. Though that bug is not at all related to the error you are seeing on screen right now, we are trying to keep as fewer users as possible in 3.4.2.

  • Which browser are you using?

  • If possible could you add a detailed set of steps to reproduce this from scratch? That’ll make it a lot easier to figure out if its a bug or not.



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