Tenant Variable showing 'using default' when it's not

We are using Octopus v2019-9-10 LTS and have a strange situation.
One of the Tenant Environment Variable are showing ‘using default value’. When we update it (no matter which Tenant or Environment), audit screen not showing any records of the change and the display of ‘Using default value’ persist. But when we deploy our application the value we entered is there and not match the default value. Any idea why this is happening?

Hi @binh.au,

Thanks for getting in touch!

I believe you are encountering this issue. Essentially, it seems that Octopus is matching the ******* that it replaces the sensitive value with and seeing that it is the same as the default value ******* and determines that you must be using the default.

I’ve tested this in our latest version and it does seem to be working correctly now.


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