Tenant variable for single tenant (adhoc)

I would like to be able to set a tenant variable for just a single tenant, but can’t find a way.

The use case is we have a single customer/tenant that uses a URL for a specific web service which is only enabled for that customer/tenant. This is just one of hundreds like this.

I don’t want to add it to the Project Variable Template because it is only for one customer, and would create a lot of noise if all of these adhoc variables were defined there, even if using default values.

We are currently stuck defining them at the Project Variables level, and scoping it to a tenant tag specific to that tenant. This causes issues though because Project Variables are snapshotted, and any deployment should always pull the latest value for this variable regardless of when the release was created. So it just makes more sense to define these at the tenant level.

Hi David,

Quick question, have you explored variable templates within library variable sets?

When you have one of those, you define the variable value in the tenant, but in the common variables section.

It is slightly less noisy than defining the variable in the project as there is only one instance of the variable, vs an instance per environment with the project.