Tenant Project Variables page takes minutes to load


We have hundreds of project variable templates across 8 projects and 6 environments, all connected to the same tenant. The result is probably over 1000 variables on the tenant Project Variables page. Filtering on Project really helps manage the variables, but just to get the page to load we usually have to wait about a minute. Soon we have to add yet another huge project that has the most variables of any project so far and I’m afraid the page will become unusable.

I understand the variables page is being redesigned for the next version. Hopefully the new design will address this issue. However, if that isn’t coming out soon, I was hoping you could make a quick fix for the Project Variables page to make this more usable for us. My initial thought would be to require the user to select a project before loading any variables.

We’re on version 3.16.4

I copied the html on the page and searched for the form group that contains a variable. It looks like I have 1,656 variables on this page. Attached is a screenshot showing the HTML source in a text editor. The HTML that contains all the variables is on one line and it takes up 4,482,005 characters.


Hi Kelly,

Firstly, thank-you for the detailed report; it is much appreciated.

We apologize for the poor performance of this page in your situation.

This will be better handled in Octopus 4.0, but that is still a few months away, and we would like to improve this situation for you before then.

I have created an issue which you can follow. We will address this as soon as possible.


Just upgraded to 3.17.0 and I have confirmed the original problem has been mitigated. I look forward to 4.0 Thanks for the quick response!