Tenant Project Variables - Default project selection


I’ve noticed for the last couple versions (at least 3.17.2, but I can’t say when it started), then when I navigate to any tenant’s project variables, the ‘Select Project’ dropdown is defaulted to the first project in the list, rather than ‘All Projects’ as it used to be.

Is this an intended change? If so, would there be any way to opt out of it? It’s increasingly annoying, especially when setting up a new tenant with multiple projects.

Hi James,

This was an intentional change. I’m sorry to hear you have found it irritating.

The driver for the change was that this page was slow to render for customers with large numbers of project\environment combinations. By initially filtering to a project, the render time is improved.

Were you aware that clicking the x on the right of the filter will result in variables for all projects being displayed (shown in the attached image)?


Yes, I know that I can remove the filter. However, for most of our projects it’s not easy to accumulate all the information I need at once - some of the information is copied from other tenants, some is found in one or more other systems, and some is generated on demand as we need it (private keys and such). In these cases, it makes sense to address what I can from a given source before moving on to the next, but I also want to make sure I don’t lose those changes. This means my workflow looks more like:

  • Open the tenant project variables page
  • Remove (or adjust) the filter to the correct project
  • Update variables for data found in source A
  • Save
  • Remove (or adjust) the filter to the correct project
  • Update variables for data found in source B
  • Save


I understand the performance concern - we have less than 10 projects, so it’s never much information to load for us.

As a compromise, would it be possible for the filter to be preserved when saving a tenant? As the default when navigating to a tenant, select the first project as default. However, if I change it (to another project, or removing it altogether) and then save the tenant, it would be nice to have the same filter applied post-save.

I also noticed then when clicking on the source tenant link under [Project] > All Variables, it also only shows the first project, rather than the project the link came from, which could cause some confusion.

Ahh, right, I understand now why that would be frustrating.

The good news is, we are currently putting the finishing touches on a complete re-write of our Web UI. We have overhauled the Tenant-Variables page (along with just about everything else), and I am hopeful the new model addresses both the performance concern and your scenario.

You can take an early peek at the new UI on our demo page. Although the tenants in the demo instance are only linked to a single project (and it is still a work-in-progress) it should serve to show how it will look.

This will be released as Octopus 4.0, sometime very soon.

Let me know what you think?

Without having the needed setup, and rights to be able to save tenant variables, it’s difficult to say if it would address the issue or not.

I did notice that the point I mentioned at the end of my last post (the navigation from project variables to the tenant not selecting the relevant project) is still there, so it seems like this issue overall may still be present - it’s just moved where I would need to click after saving.

With all that being said, I did sign up to hopefully be an alpha tester, so maybe that would allow a little more (and detailed) playing with it.