Tenant Decommission

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Management wants me to find a solution for our old tenants.
We have a handful of dead tenants, because some commercial relationships have ended.

What are our options in that case?

  • Is it possible to just disable a tenant, so it doesn’t appear in the deployment dashboards anymore?
  • What happens if you try to delete a tenant? Will it erase the deployment history as well?


Damien Daco

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There is no disable or hide options for Tenants. Deleting them would be the only way to remove them from view.

When you trigger a delete on a tenant a check is performed for any items (Accounts, Certificate, Deployment Targets etc) that tenant is linked to and a warning will be displayed listing any of these items.

These links will need to be removed before the Tenant can be deleted.

When the tenant is deleted any audit entries (such as deployment history) will also be deleted.


Hi Paul,

Thank you! Quick and thorough answer, much appreciated.

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