TeamCity Plugin

I am trying to get Team City and Octopus setup. Everything seems to be working correctly except my Finish Build Trigger is not running. When I looked at the build agent I see that I have an error message for that step “Incompatible runner: OctopusDeploy: Deploy release”

This is using the latest version of Team City and the latest version of your plugin. This was just installed within that last few days on a fresh copy of Server 2012 R2

Why is this incompatible?

Never mind, misread the install instructions and copied the contents out of the zip file into plugins folder.

David, Are you saying that copying the contents out of the zip file was the mistake or the solution? I also have this problem and I am looking for what fixes it

It has been awhile since this happened but yes I believe that I just extracted the contents of the zip file into the Teamcity plugins directory.

Hi Julian,

Thanks for reaching out. If you can please let me know on which folder are you extracting the plugin, and how does it look once you finish (a screenshot would be great).