TeamCity Plugin error "No executable found matching command ..."

We are using:

When running the deployment step in TeamCity we get the following, failing step log output:

Octopus Deploy
  Running command:   dotnet Octo.dll create-release --server https://builderserver:89 --apikey SECRET --project MyProject --enableservicemessages --deployto Testing
  Creating Octopus Deploy release
  No executable found matching command "dotnet-/opt/buildagent/temp/buildTmp/octo-temp/2.0/Core/Octo.dll"
  Octo.exe exit code: 1

Checking the docker image we can see that the directory /opt/buildagent/temp/buildTmp/octo-temp/2.0 exists but that the octo.exe in that folder is a full dotnet framework image and there is no ‘Core’ sub folder.

Is there a problem with the plug-in? What can we do to resolve the issue please?

Hi Robert, thanks for reaching out.

Can I get you to confirm that you have set the Octopus version field to 3.0+ in the Team City step?

If setting this value does not solve the issue, then can you please send through a screenshot of the Team City step configuration. This will allow us to recreate the step locally and find the issue.

Matt C

Thanks Matt - that was the problem - I feel a little silly for not spotting it

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