Teamcity plugin backwards compatibility


With the switch to .net core we made, we would like to upgrade our teamcity plugin to the latest version. If I read correctly, with dotnet core OctoPack was replaced by dotnet octo.

Does this mean that by updating the plugin our dotnet classic builds that currently use the plugin will fail, or need to be modified ?

Also, what is the difference between dotnet octo pack and dotnet pack ? Could I just use dotnet pack instead to publish to the teamcity nuget feed, or do they do different things ?



Hi @nick.verhaegen

Thanks for getting in touch!

You will need to update your build pipeline to call the new version of Octo, however both your new and legacy pipelines should be able to use to the new version of Octo. We have a blog post that should hopefully answer the questions that you have, although if it doesn’t please let me know and I’d be happy to find the answers for you.


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