Teamcity > Octopus - Selecting the nuspec file per environment

We don’t really want to use octopus to push the same release through the environments.
Basically I want to have a Site.Dev (which will run off the development branch) that publishes into nuget as Site.Dev
Then for my release configs I want to use the standard push new package to staging and promote to live, which would be a nuspec name of Site.Release

Whats the simplest way of doing this?

When MSBuild is invoked OctoPack will look for a variable called $(OctoPackNuSpecFileName) to use as the NuSpec file. If that isn’t defined, it tries to find one based on your project name.

You could do:

msbuild yoursolution.sln /p:RunOctoPack=true /p:OctoPackNuSpecFileName=Dev.nuspec

msbuild yoursolution.sln /p:RunOctoPack=true /p:OctoPackNuSpecFileName=Release.nuspec


Thanks thats great :smiley: