Teamcity Octopus plugin no longer reporting deployment progress after Octopus upgrade


We have recently upgraded our Octopus server from 3.3.15 to 3.4.4. However since the upgrade the deployment progress information which is normally reported back to console when running octo.exe with --progress switch is no longer being reported in our TeamCity build log. We are using version 3.3.6 of the teamcity Octopus plugin. I did a quick test triggering a deployment with the new Octo.exe version and the progress info is reported as expected.

Is this a known compatibility issue between Octopus Server and Octo.exe versions?


Hi Jonny,

Thanks for reaching out! It seems like it’s a compatibility issue with your TeamCity plugin. Between Octopus 3.3.15 and 3.4.4, we made some changes which required upgrading the plugin as well. Getting the most recent version should be all that’s required to get your build log to pick up the info.

Let me know how you go!



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