Teamcity > Octodeploy Release Versioning problems


Teamcity was building and deploying our solution as normal, it was using the last deployed nuget package to detect version number and increment from there, however, when we got to version 0.0.1221 it stopped incrementing release number and kept trying to release the same build number.

OctopusDeploy: Release build step has a blank value for ‘Release Number’ which it has been from the beginning, I can get round this problem by adding “0.0.%build.number%” however I would like to have it perform as it had prior to this problem and also know whether this is a bug with Octo or TeamCity.


Hi Nathan,

Thanks for getting in touch, we’ll try to help. If you go to the Settings tab of your project in Octopus, there is a field that selects which version numbering system to use. It can either auto-increment or base it on a package. Can you check what this value is set to? (Perhaps post a screenshot)


Its based on Nuget package?


Thanks Nathan, you’ll need to change it to the ‘Generate version numbers using a template’ option instead. This will automatically increment the last release number.


The behaviour I want is it to increment automatically from the previous uploaded nugget package, this is what I (believe I) was getting before, will your proposed change not prevent that?