TeamCity Changed Files in Octopus Release Notes

So I have long wanted to include TeamCity’s list of changed files for a build in the Octopus release notes, but I haven’t found a nice way of doing that. I know that the TeamCity REST API can list the changed files, but it seems like a lot of work to access the API, pull down each file / changelist, and populate the Release notes.

Does anyone know of an easy way of doing this, preferably on the TeamCity side? This would allow me to include the files in the release notes at release creation.

If not, is this something that could be done through the Octopus Teamcity plugin? I’m not sure on the limitations of the plugin.

Just going to bump this to see if anyone has automated anything like this before. It would really improve our emails and release notes.


I am not aware of anyone that has done this previously, but you could try to pass the following TC build parameter (bottom of this page to the Octopus Team City plugin using the --releasenotesfile parameter in the Additional command line arguments field (Please Note: that the Octopus server would have to have access to the location of the changed files file though, so some fiddling to either get the file to a location that is available to the Octopus server or if the contents of the file could be read into a string variable that could then be passed to the Octopus TeamCity plugin using the --releasenotes parameter).

Hope that helps.


An alternative is to add a link back to Team City’s overview page using the --releasenotes parameter that Henrik provided:
–releasenotes “Team City Overview