TeamCity build step OctopusDeploy: Create release : Can't set --releasenotes in additional arguments with spaces

I use teamcity plugin for octopus and create release with step:
OctopusDeploy: Create release

I set up
Additional command line arguments: --releasenotes=“ASDF ASDF d”

somewhere in teamcity logs:
[Octopus Deploy] Running command: octo.exe create-release … --releasenotes=ASDF ASDF d

build reasonably fails: [Octopus Deploy] Unrecognized command arguments: ASDF, d

How to pass text in release notes with spaces?

PS: Actually I use Configuration property wich prompts release note for every build, so I prefer to use simple step to create release.

+1. Is there a way to pass spaces?

Hi @Johann,

Thanks for getting in touch. This is working in the latest version of Octopus (see attached screenshot). Which version of Octopus and Octo.exe are you using? Could you past the entire command you are running + the error message you see on screen?


Thanks, Dalmiro. I’m using Octopus 3.2.8, octo.exe It actually does appear to be working for me. I just misread the teamcity logs, which strip out all double quotes.