Teamcity 8.1.6 throws error when browsing my build step for Octopus Deploy

Hi there.

I installed Teamcity 8.1.6 and Octopus Version 2.5.6 with the TeamCity plugin 2.5.6

When I open the build step for Octopus to create a deployment pack, I get the error (see attachment Teamcity Error.png)
I have also attached the stacktrace (stacktrace.txt)

I then tried to download an earlier of the TeamCity Octopus plugin (version 2.4.9) and I still get the same error.

Please could you assist


Stacktrace.txt (32 KB)

Hi there

I managed to fix the issue - the teamcity plugin I fixed has to be “unblocked” prior to being installed into the TeamCity’s plugin’s directory.